Dear Colleagues, dear Congress delegates,

Welcome to Toulouse! Welcome to the 9th EPSU Congress!

Our thanks go to our French member organisations, especially our local affiliates in Toulouse, who have done an outstanding job to host our Congress in excellent conditions and make us feel welcome.

This Congress takes place in a particularly difficult political situation in Europe, with austerity being the overriding policy dogma, doggedly pursued by the European Institutions. Thousands of jobs have already been cut in the public sector in a number of European countries and the social welfare of millions of working people is in acute danger. With our Congress we will aim to draw up a different policy scenario for Europe with emphasis on investment in people, quality jobs and public services.

We have therefore set ourselves the task to outline ‘our Europe’, our vision for a more social Europe, our vision for quality jobs and quality public services, for trade union and collective bargaining rights throughout Europe. We hope that the EPSU Congress will provide the forum for lively debate and exchange, an opportunity to meet with trade union representatives from across the continent.

In solidarity,

Carola Fischbach-Pyttel,General Secretary

Congress venue:

Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis
11, esplanade Compans Caffarelli
BP 88517
31685 Toulouse Cedex 6