Closing of the EPSU Congress, May 23
Jan Willem Goudriaan, newly elected EPSU General Secretary
Annelie Nordström (Kommunal, Sweden), newly elected EPSU President

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EPSU Congress salutes the struggle of the people of Thessaloniki against privatisation

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 9th EPSU Congress gave a warm support to Yiorgos Archontopoulous (President of the water union in Thessaloniki water company EYATH) a leading member of the citizens campaign SOS te to NERO that was at the heart of the popular referendum that was held on May 18th.

Carola supports research to reveal corporate lobbying on trade agreements

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Many unions responded to a call to give a present to Carola by donating to Corporate Observatory Europe (CEO). Carola Fischbach-Pyttel is no longer running for re-election as EPSU General Secretary and will soon retire. She had expressed the wish not to receive any presents.

A social model worth fighting to save

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Many PSI members want to know how public services unions in Europe are opposing and fighting for an alternative to the unprecedented attack on workers and unions rights. They recognise that the European unions contributed to building this social model, through collective bargaining and social dialogue, which provides the basis for equitable distribution of wealth, including universal access to quality public services. This model is unique, special, and is the aspiration of many workers in the world.